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How She Dares is a powerful and inspirational documentary movie, by a mother and her daughter traveling to Vietnam to shine the light and give a voice to the courageous, resilient and daring Vietnamese women entrepreneurs in Vietnam.

Through this documentary, they want to share with all the girls and young women out there who are wondering what career path or entrepreneurship path to take, a message of courage and hope to give them a glimpse into the different lives of seven brave daring women entrepreneurs in Vietnam, who despite the war, the poverty, the lack of resources have managed and succeeded to climb above all of the hardship and managed to start the business and pursue fearlessly their passion. This duo believes it is now time to show the world the success stories and highlight the courage and creativity of vietnamese women entrepreneurs, who now are shifting from survival mode to business startup mode. Pursuing and growing their dream business is their new reality. They have a voice and they will use it. They will DARE!

“She Who Dares Wins”.

-Shravani Dusa.